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The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program helps agricultural producers and other pest managers gain confidence in alternative pest management strategies as they are demonstrated and evaluated in production and other settings.

A strong Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service/land-grant university partnership permits the IPM program to address pest management challenges on an appropriate scale - from county-level to multi-state production regions. Each land-grant university is able to tailor program activities to needs identified by stakeholder advisory committees and commodity teams operating at the state and local levels.

These efforts all contribute to the IPM program's four national objectives:

  • To safeguard human health and the environment
  • To increase the range of benefits achieved by those who use IPM methods
  • To increase the supply and dissemination of IPM knowledge
  • To enhance collaborations among stakeholders

The interactive Web-based Performance Planning and Reporting System (PPRS) assists IPM coordinators at land-grant universities by making it possible to describe program plans and document program accomplishments online. This system offers a coordinator the opportunity to provide information on a state's IPM program as a whole, and to describe in more detail key areas of IPM activities. In particular, coordinators are asked to select indicators that will allow them to measure progress towards program objectives.

As a result, PPRS helps coordinators ensure that Extension activities supported by the program are consistent with overall goals. PPRS also helps CSREES and other program stakeholders understand the scope and impact of the IPM programs being conducted.

PPRS is divided into planning and reporting periods. In FY 2000 IPM coordinators developed their five-year state Plans of Work for IPM activities. Since then, they have provided Annual Performance Reports relating to these plans.

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